The Gorgeous Ghoul
Experiment 1:
Palimpsestual Persistification Techniques as Applied to Binary-Hexadecimal Encoded Digitized Analog Archives of Broadcast Dramatizations of Fictionalized Criminal Apprehension Methods Within the Context of Feminist Role Reversal of Archetypal Narrative Stereotypes
Test Document may be obtained here:
Upon document experimental expiration date as referenced in the Test Document, please submit report on results of Palimpsestual Persistification to:
The Mauritania Trading Co.
1200 Franklin Mall
Box No. 352
Santa Clara, Calif. 95050
Premature reports will not be acknowledged or accepted.
Digital Conversion of Audio Sample of Sound Capture of 78rpm Transcription Disk Analog Amplification to be used for reference purposes only.
Do not duplicate or distribute.
All proceeds go to support the artist.
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