The Mauretania CipherCardTM
A variation of the Gronsfeld Cipher with Alpha-Binary Crypto-Enhancement. Sub-pocket sized for easy transport to international destinations. Aesthetically suspicious. Instructions for basic usage included. Self-implied options for multiple levels of security. Top-Secret, okay?
$1.00 for 2, includes instructions, while supplies last. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
The Mauritania Trading Co.
1200 Franklin Mall
Box No. 352
Santa Clara, Calif. 95052
Use the key (card and set# combination) on the CipherCardTM instructions you receive to decode the scrambled portion of this URL (the answer is lower case) and find The Secret Golden Treasure:
Only two moving parts. The Mauretania CipherCardTM is at its most useful when offer void where prohibited.
All proceeds go to support the artist.
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